The practices of sarah

sarah is engaged in the following practices to achieve the above aims:
  1. with the collaboration of manufacturers and importers of the specified media and machines, sarah collects the remuneration from them and distributes it to the rightowners appropriately.
    In doing this,

    ① sarah fixes the remuneration tariffs :

    • Steps of Fixation of the remuneration tariffs:
      - sarah makes a plan of the remuneration and submits to the Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs for his approval.
      - The Commissioner consults the plan with "the Copyright Council" consisting of men of learning and experience.
      - The Commissioner approves the plan after receiving the report submitted by the Council.
    • The calculation of the remuneration amount:
      The remuneration rate is set per medium and per machine by mutiplying the fixed rate by based price (a portion of the price indicated on the catalog).
    • The amount of remuneration:
      - For the machine : the amount corresponding to 2% of a portion of the standard price (65%) indicated on the catalog, with a maximum limit of ¥1,000.-
      - For the medium : the amount corresponding to 3% of a portion of the standard price (50%) indicated on the catalog.

    ② sarah announces the remuneration tariff in a variety of widely published magazines.

    ③ To amicably promote operations concerned with charging for and collecting remuneration
    payments, sarah enters into agreements for these operations with recording machine and
    media manufacturers associations.

    ④ sarah makes a fair distribution of the collected remuneration to the interested parties (copyrightowners, performers and producers of the phonograms).
    • Distribution to each rightowner:
      The ultimate distribution is made through JASRAC, GEIDANKYO and RIAJ, which are members of sarah.
    • Ratio of share for each:
      - Copyrightowners 36%
      - Performers 32%
      - Producers of the phonogram 32%

  2. The amount deducted from the remuneration to be distributed to each rightowner is alloted to the fund for the activities to protect the common interests of the rightowners.

    • The amount of the fund for the common interests:
      The rate fixed by Government Order is 20% of the remuneration paid.
    • Activities of the common interests:
      - Education, popularization and enlightenment concerning copyright systems
      - International cooperation in copyright systems
      - Resarch studies into copyright systems
      - Endeavors that contribute to the promotion and proliferation of efforts to create
      copyrighted works
      - Research studies into technical controls on digital recording
With collaborations of the manufacturers,
sarah collects the amount of the remuneration added to the price
of the digital recording machines and media, which users paid when they purchase them.
sarah distributes the collected remuneration to each of right-owners
appropriately through three associations of sarah members.
A better climate for artistic culture would produce a power for creation of new music.


The digital audio products specified by Government Order to be liable
for payment of the remuneration are the following recording machines and media at present:


  1. Making popular the concept of the copyright system:
    (1) Public relations of the remuneration system and sarah's activities
    (a) Posting bills at major stations in the metropolitan area.
    (b) Advertisement in monthly magazines, etc.
    (c) Public relations by means of message stickers and badges
    (2) Publications
    (a)Educational booklet -"Copyright Course for Students"
    (b)Educational booklet -"Copyright Guidelines for Teachers"
    (c)Lectures on copyright for beginners -"What is copyright?"
    (d)A case study on copyright,vol.2-"Sound & visual recoding for private use and copyright"
    (3) Production and distribution of animated videos
    (4) Public relations by telephone and giving advices at
    "Copyright Informations Desk"
    (5) A prize essay competition on copyright and neighboring rights
    (6) Collection and offer of domestic and foreign informations on
    copyright and neighboring rights
    (7) Educational activities against illegal recordings based on the concept of copyright.

  2. Research and study on the copyright system
    (1) Publication and distribution of foreign legislations for copyright
    (2) Publication of the reports on copyright by domestic and
    foreign governments
    (3) Research, study and translation of foreign principal treaties
    on copyright made by "Society for the Research on
    Copyright Legislations"

  3. International cooperations of the protection of copyright
    (1) Holding of the Asia-Pacific Seminars on copyright and
    neighboring rights
    (2) The study and training for the trainees from Asian countries
    (3) Offer of the scholarships to Asian students studying in Japan
    (4) Attendances to WIPO's international conferences

  4. Promotion and spread of artistic creations of works
    (1)Creation of music "Find out about Japanese music and traditional
      Japanese instruments."
    (2) Music convention"MUSIC CITY TOKYO"
    (3) Preparation of the network services for music informations

  5. Activities of research and study on technical security
    system against the illegal reproductions
    (1) Investigations of future trends in protect-technology from
    unauthorized digital recording for private use
    (2) Investigations into the actual conditions of increasing
    users of CD-R/CD-RW drives
    (3) Fact-finding surveys into trends of private recording by users on
    digital recording equipment and recording media

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